The name's Tetra. Pirate of the Great Sea, and Princess of Hyrule.

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Touch my Shadow Boy, you get to see how ruthless this pirate can be.

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Shadow’s last crescendo in d minor (Closed RP)


It was a quite night at the castle, the staff loved theses because they didn’t come often enough for their liking. Shadow had brought havoc in his wake when he arrived. People still didn’t like him all too much but they were starting to get used to him, his havoc was another story. Tonight, for Zelda at least, the silence was almost deafening. Shadow had left earlier that day for one of his routine outings. No one really knew why Shadow left but since he said he’d be back in the morning they figured it was nothing too crazy. Zelda,though, hated it when he left because there were a million other things that could go wrong beside the one she was thinking of at the moment. 

Since it was getting late everyone was getting ready to turn in for the night. Zelda was going through the motions to get ready for bed. Currently she was brushing her hair. Each stroke was an attempt to calm her nerves. She finally took a deep breath and told herself nothing bad would happen. Though she would figure out in two seconds that fate had another plan. 

In his typically puff of black smoke Shadow appeared in the room. The first obvious sign that something had gone wrong was his pale face that looked like death. He had his hand over one spot on his chest and it was covered in red. Oh, Goddesses! 

"Zelda…. I think I’m in trouble… I can’t tell how.." Shadow paused to wince with a strained breath. "I can’t tell how bad," He said as he tried to support himself on the bed. "I’m sorry," He said and then suddenly his shaky legs went out from under him and he collapsed to the ground. His breathing almost seemed to stop. 

Zelda’s eyes widened and she gasped as Shadow made his appearance. She dropped the brush- more than dropped really, she seemed to slam it right down on her vanity- as she rushed to the fallen boy. Dropping to her knees, the front of her pale nightgown soaked up the blood that pooled on the floor beneath the purple haired boy.

"I knew something went wrong!" She cursed, grabbing his shoulders and forcing him up against the side of her bed. She held him there and pressed her hands hard against his wound to hinder the blood flow. An arrow wound. She thought to herself. it was clear that an arrow had gone straight through, probably pulled out through the back. It appeared to miss anything vital, however he was losing a lot of blood.

Zelda looked to his eyes and cupped his face with her free hand. “Shadow wake up stay with me, Goddess you’re crazy!” She groaned, and when Shadow did not respond she called for her guards. “HELP!” She screamed, By being so vague, she knew the guards would come quickly and prepared for anything. After all, their princess could be in trouble. “Oh come on Shadow Boy.. don’t do this.” She hid a lot of her sadness, she was used to this sort of trauma every now and again.. but very rarely did Shadow pass out.

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Tetra had to laugh. “Yes yes, you can be the Dark Knight.”

Shadow smiled widely. “Awesome. I think is sounds so cool,” He laughed. 

"Ah yes. You will be the coolest knight in all of New Hyrule!" Tetra snickered,  "Would you like black armor too?" She inquired. "Oh and we can always find a way to keep your hat! So don’t worry about that!"

Shadow snickered as he watched her make up her bread. "You look so hungry," He said with a smile.

"No- not really but I just love bread and jam." Tetra laughed, taking a bite. "Mmm"

Shadow nodded. "You're gonna be awesome when you grow up," He said with a wide smile and ruffled her hair.

"Oh yeah?" She asked in awe.




"So shall I call you Ser Shadow now? The knight?" She jested with a smirk.

Shadow snickered. “I don’t know…  The Dark Knight?” He asked with a smirk. 

Tetra had to laugh. “Yes yes, you can be the Dark Knight.”

"I think so... I kinda rested my eyes but they were going from room to room for a while," He explained and the nurse came back with some bread. There was jam and butter on the side. "Here you go miss," She said and handed her the tray,"

Tetra sat up and started buttering the bread. Bread with jam and butter actually sounded amazing right now, she forgot what Shadow was saying.

Shadow snickered and stopped running. "You are really good, Tetra," he said and let himself gain his breath again. "Good job,"

Tetra raised her head high in accomplishment. “I am really good, huh?” She boasted.

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